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Zachary Street


Hello, and welcome to my webpage.


I am an actor with a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts: Performance from (Canterbury College, 2006) and a BA (Hons) Acting from Court Theatre Training Company (2010) with almost 8 years experience under my belt since graduating.


During my time in the profession I have had the chance to work with several companies and people, including the director of Savage Media film company Bill Thomas, Sky Vision, Jonathan Holloway of The Red Shift Theatre Company, Stories Ag, Film4, Channel 4 and many more.   I have appeared in several theatre, film, TV productions and have regularly appeared on local radio shows. For a time I was a part of Actors Alliance Co-operative agency giving me a unique insight into the business to which I have found invaluable.  


I took a year out in 2014 to step back and try and gain new skills and experiences, taking up various jobs and gaining different life skills which have stretched my acting ability and broadened my repertoire, allowing me to be more adaptable to casting types and roles. Many people refer to my acting style as clowning, having the ability to switch effortlessly from one character to the next from the very large out spoken, down to the reserved and concealed types using gestures with vocal tone and motions to enhance my characters form.   


Over time I have gained strong connections with several directors, casting agents and producers, with a large portion of my work deriving from these sources. In time I hope to achieve even more, and I am always looking out for greater challenges, opportunities and of course building new friendships and partnerships with people in the profession to which we can both benefit from. 


With my first full length feature film released, called "Fallen Soldiers" débuted in the summer on July 27th 2015 across the UK, Ireland & Australia. This year is something of a chance for me to show you what I have done and most importantly what I can offer to a role, not only with my skills to work a character in bringing them to life, but also with my intense belief in team work to achieve the best outcome and highest results of a production aim. 


I truly believe that a mutual understanding of working together yields the ability to reach the vision for a productions goal and success.   


For more information please contact either my agent Julie Fox of Julie Fox Associates or myself directly. You may also refer to my CV, Showreel/Demo Reel and Portfolio ranging from headshots to stage and film gallery with foot notes to my background. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the rest of my site & find the contents there in useful.


Based: Los Angeles


D.O.B: 06th March 1988

Height: 5’10”

Weight/Build: 10st, slim & athletic

Eye colour: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Voice: Warm



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